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Karma Kasa is a collection of Karma Group Members posting their owned inventory (eg. homes & second homes) on a secure Karma Group website for rent by other Karma Group Members. We will help you to list your home for other Members to search & book. We will introduce you to the Members that are coming to stay in your home and we will help to handle all payments in a secure manner.

Simply list your home in a few easy steps, preview your listing, and then we will publish your home details on the Karma Kasa website for searching & booking by other Members. You will have the comfort and security of dealing only with other Karma Group Members in a closed group.

How it works (to be a host):

  • Click Become a Host.
  • Complete the Listing Form.
  • Preview & ask us to publish your listing.
  • You set your own rates & availability. You decide how much you want to rent your property for.
  • You are now ready to receive bookings and payments.
How It Works Host


  • We will only promote your home to other Karma Members.
  • We will host your listing on a secure mobile-friendly website.
  • We will handle all payments for you.
  • You will have the comfort and security of knowing that all guests are other Karma Members.
  • You will be able to earn some money while you go and explore new destinations.

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