Karma Kasa FAQ’s
Where can I Search for Karma Kasa Listings

Once we have enough listings approved they will be added to the Karma Kasa section of our website and you can browse them on there. We will make sure to keep our members updated once we have some great listings uploaded!

How do I List my property

Please follow the “Become a Host”

How do I setup my nightly rates & availability

You will be able to login to your User dashboard where you can manage your rates & availability and see all your bookings

How will I get notified of a booking

You will receive an email notifying you of a booking. You will be able to login to your User dashboard where you view all your bookings

What if a booking is cancelled

You will receive an email notifying you of a booking cancellation. You will be able to login to your User dashboard where you view all your bookings and cancellations. Depending on what cancelation rules you configured you will be able to keep part of the payment or the full payment if the cancellation is less than a certain days of travel

What if I need to urgently block my listing from showing as available on the Karma Kasa Portal.

You will need to login to your User dashboard and block your availability. This will instantly remove the availability from the Karma Kasa Portal

Can I use my points

At this time this program will only be available against rentals with the rates set by the property owners.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of nights I can book

This depends on the listing member, on how many nights they expect as a minimum

How will I get paid

We will transfer your funds into your nominated bank account

What if i get a bad review

Reviews are written by the member that stayed in your listing. You can speak directly to that member to discuss the review.

How does Karma make money out of this program?

This program is being introduced to provide members / owners with the opportunity to potentially generate some additional revenue for themselves whilst making additional destinations available to other members / owners which we feel represents great value to our members /owners and therefore to us as a Group. Karma Group will take a US$100 listing fee for all properties listed on the Karma Kasa Portal and a 10% commission taken on the booking fees, for developing and hosting the Karma Kasa Portal

What about liability coverage?

It will be the responsibility of the property owner to have appropriate liability coverage.

Who organises clean up after members stay, Maintenance of the home and surrounds eg: pool, gardens, lawns etc

These responsibilities remain with the property owner as the Group is not taking on any form of Management Agreement rather simply providing a platform through which members / owners have the opportunity to list and make their properties available to other members / owners.

Where is this available?

These will be properties all over the world listed by Karma Group Members, as a way to open up more destinations and experiences for our members and give them a way to earn some passive income!

Which week becomes available to customer - the one booked by me or any other of his choice?

The Karma Kasa platform does not deal in specific weeks or periods. The idea of the platform is to enable members who have a second holiday home maybe sitting empty all the year round. To make such a home available for rent to other members that would be interested in visiting the location, where the residence is located, by taking advantage of the rental offer. Members may make their second homes available to other members for a week or more. This is entirely to be decided and agreed upon between the 2 parties. The Karma Kasa platform is purely the method, in which members may showcase the properties they have for rent to members that may be interested in renting them, based on the terms agreed by the 2 parties, at the time of letting and leasing the property.

If a customer avails of a week in my property, can I also avail my week's holiday elsewhere?

Again, Karma Kasa platform is a rental platform. And it should not be viewed as an exchange facility of like for like. It may be that in renting your home to a particular member, the same member has a home that he is willing to make available to you for the same time period. But there is no guarantee this will be the case. The terms of letting and leasing are to be agreed between the 2 parties participating in the transaction.

Can I set off a week availed by customer against my old entitlement, which is lying in my credit?

The Karma Kasa platform is not an exchange service whereby points or weeks can be used against the accommodation, one may be availing of or making available to other members. The platform is run independently of any membership, members may have with the Club. Neither weeks, nor points nor any other kind of Karma membership can be used to book or be listed on the platform

How do I Manage my listing?

You can manage your listing using a standard WINDOWS or MAC Desktops, we have not yet completed development on smart-phones or tablets.

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